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            SUB AL18.4 DSP Active Group System


            DSP Active Group System. Suitable for Outdoor Mobile Show, Stadium, Auditorium,Theater, Performance Hall, High-end Professional Entertainment.


            Full frequency unit:2×44mm, High efficiency compression driver

            Woofer: 12” , voice coil:75mm, 180 magnetic

            Subwoofer: 18” , voice coil:100mm, 220 magnetic woofer

            One subwoofer unit can carry two to four full frequency units

            Product feature:

            SUB AL18.4 built-in DSP 96K amplifier module, Each speaker is independently driven by different power amplifiers. The smooth frequency response is restored by 96k DSP processing. Low frequency soft and full, medium and high frequency clear and bright, rich in details . which have high sensitivity , big power , high sound pressure , low distortion , high efficiency of transmission, consistency for the phase response, through the uniform projection coverage,  it is enough to suitable for many kinds of sound environment, Installation is simple and fast, the system has perfect protection measures, safe and reliable.

            Product parameters

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